Research Priorities

Researchers in the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network work on problems judged by the Networked Improvement Community to be of high priority. High priority problems show up in "driver diagrams," which represent the community's current theories of what the key problems are that stand in the way of success.

As indicated in the diagram to the right, there are three broad issues currently seen as obstacles to students' successful completion of the Carnegie pathways. Understanding and removing these obstacles to success are the primary aims of Network research.

Thus, we anticipate recruiting researchers who will work on issues related to:

  • How to design and implement instruction (broadly defined to include curriculum, materials, and implementation) that will facilitate developmental mathematics students' deep learning of mathematics and statistics
  • How to provide students with the strategies, beliefs, and attitudes that will enable them to persist in studying hard, even in the face of great challenges
  • How to overcome the difficulties with language and literacy that impede many students' learning of mathematics and statistics.

The Carnegie Foundation and the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network hub will be preparing white papers that provide more detail on current theories of how each of these drivers are impacting student learning.

Learn more about our current theories: