Do You Want to Do Research in the Network?

Only researchers who join the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network can conduct research within the Carnegie Pathways Networked Improvement Community. The Network hub provides a host of services to support members, including: facilitating the identification of partner practitioners and access to research sites; facilitating access to relevant data collected by the Carnegie hub; assisting members in seeking and obtaining external funding for their research; facilitating ongoing collaboration with Carnegie and the research sites for larger funded projects; and providing forums for sharing results with other researchers and with the NIC. The Network also has a small amount of funding to support pre-doctoral fellows working with members to conduct pilot research.

The Process of Joining the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network

Joining the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network is a process of engagement that proceeds through several stages. 

Stage 1: Initial Application - If you are a researcher interested in working as part of the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network, fill in an application form. Our Steering Committee will review your application and give you a membership decision.

Stage 2: Establish Community College Partnership - As soon as you become a member, staff at the UCLA hub will work with you to establish a partnership with a community college and a collaborating faculty member.

Stage 3: Pilot Studies - Begin conducting small-scale research in collaboration with your host faculty member. Also, start sharing your preliminary findings with the Networked Improvement Community, both at live meetings and in your project blog on our website.

Stage 4: Get Grant Funding - Develop and submit a grant proposal to sustain your work within the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network, and continue sharing results with the NIC.

Stage 5: Senior Member - You got a grant! Keep doing your work, but also start giving back, helping other researchers make their way into the network. 

Terms of Participation

Read through the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network Terms of Participation

Ready to Join?

If you are ready to join the Carnegie Alpha Lab Research Network, the first step is to fill out a simple application form.